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Holistic Parent Coaching

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Dream of Coa​ching?

Holistic Parent Coaching Academy

Signature Program training parent coaches in Holistic ​Parenting methodologies.

In 8 weeks become an effective, capable and ​CONFIDENT parent coach.

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The Child ​Whisp​erer

Simplifying parenting.

From the tantrums, “terrible-2’s” to ​Spirited 4's & beyond so you feel that ease​ and joy with your child again.​

Let’s claim the slow mornings and child​-led play without the 2384 “no’s” by​ starting with getting you community,​ support systems and someone on your​ side. ​

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What Clients Say

“Tara has a magic way about speaking so ​that I understand. I have seen huge shifts in ​our home for the better! My mom guilt has ​gone from 8 to a 3 in just 2 weeks.” -Ashley ​R.

“I came into coaching with a 3 year old who ​hit, screamed and I was losing it on the ​daily. Tara has given us simple strategies, ​supports and a strong foundation to ​understanding the “why”. We now have ​less hitting and it’s easy to take him to the ​park!” - Sara A.

“This is the best money you can spend. ​With the daily guidance (if you want it!), ​service and quality of weekly teachings are ​unmatched. I’m so glad I found this! I’m ​actually calmer and started to have fun with ​my 4 year old instead of dreading him​ waking up!” - Jenny W.​

Hi! I’m Tara

Mom to three, certified behavior analyst, parent coach at ​Holistic Parent Coaching and former preschool teacher.

I have over 16 years experience working with young, Spirited ​children and their families across the world, in schools, homes ​and out in the community.

In addition to teaching and coaching, I have also trained over 30 ​behavior therapists, coaches, parents, teachers and school staff ​on Holistic Parent Coaching methods.

I am on a mission to spread the word to train & coach integrating ​simple tips, understanding and consistency into homes, families ​can find themselves more calm, patient...all with a Spirited Child ​that listens better!

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